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How Set order by OPAP Consultancy

We are happy from your attendance on our website.
Please send your order with full detail and introduce your company with resume.
Your order will be considered closely and you will receive answer in a few days with full terms and procedure.
In case you agreed with offered terms and procedure ,the buyer need to close buying consultancy contract with us and apply for conditional guarantee in bank or by money exchange company.
So the buyer need to be familiar with Iran organizations and regulations and it is better to hire a representative to follow his deal in Iran on be half of the buyer.
OPAP Consultancy is ready to act as your sole agent to buy both oil and petrochemical products.
OPAP under the buying representative contract will follow your order directly with manufacturers and related suppliers in both state owned or private sector.
OPAP consultancy  will take care of buying process and follow it to end of delivery and shipments.
OPAP consultancy accepts orders for oil products like gas oil,gasoline, fuel oil (mazut),bitumen, kerosene ,methanol, solvent 402, base oils and other oil products and polyethylene , poly vinil chloride,polypropylene and other petrochemical products origin Iran,   

Advantageous of consult with OPAP

We save your time 100% on sourcing the right suppler, 
Negotiation with suppliers 
Comparing price and terms and selecting not only the right one but the best one
Obtaining the competitive price from suppliers
Making agreement with the manufacturer or the supplier based on your desired terms so as you will not need to negotiate and make agreements no more .
OPAP consultancy offers best consulting service to buyers of oil and petrochemical products in Iran
Recently Offered

Powder Sulphur Iraq
120000 mt
FOB Basra

Price of Powder Sulphur Iraq 175 USD/mt

Solvent 402 Isfahan
3000 Cubic meter
Exwork Isfahan

Price of Solvent 402 Isfahan 439.69 USD/Cubic meter