Portland Cement

Brand: Iran

Supply offer: Portland Cement

Specification: TYPE 1-525 ,SiO2 21.09 |Al2O3 5.72 ,Fe2O3 3.4 |CaO 65.14 ,MgO 1.4 |SO3 1.65 ,Na2O 0.15|K2O 0.65 ,L.O.I. 0.8 |I.R. 0.58 ,C3S 56.91 |C2S 17.54 ,C3A 9.41 |C4AF 10.35, Packing Bulk

Quantity: 10000 mt

Delivery term: FOB Iran ports

Offer Date: 2021-05-16 00:00:00

Shipment time: 20 days

Validity : valid

Price of  Portland Cement 30USD/mt 

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Portland Cement
TYPE 1-525 ,SiO2 21.09 |Al2O3 5.72 ,Fe2O3 3.4 |CaO 65.14 ,MgO 1.4 |SO3 1.65 ,Na2O 0.15|K2O 0.65 ,L.O.I. 0.8 |I.R. 0.58 ,C3S 56.91 |C2S 17.54 ,C3A 9.41 |C4AF 10.35, Packing Bulk
Usages of Type 1-525 constrsuction and structures in warm weathers and salty lands,Portland cement type 2: Is medium sulfate resistance cement with medium heat of hydration and chlorine resistance attack.
OPAP purchase consultancy accepts orders for portland cement and clinker The supplier is a holding company and owner of 8 cement milling factory Price of Portland Cement Type II is valid at the date of offer. The price of Portland Cement is 30 USD/MT FOB Iran ports in Bulk form The price of Portland Cement is 34 USD/MT FOB Iran ports in 1500kg Jumbo bags The price of Portland Cement is 34USD/MT FOB Iran ports in 50KG bags inside 1500kg jumbo bags The price of Clinker in bulk form is 26USD/MT FOB Iran ports For any update there is need to LOI + fund proof + passport copy. Deal term for buying Portland Cements and Clinker: Delivery capacity: 5,000 mt/month with Jumbo and 20000mt/month in bulk form. Capacity is increase-able according to contract Delivery time:15-30 days after payment Packing:Bulk,50kg bags,and 1.5 mt jumbo bags Payment:TT and L/C at sight Port of loading: north and south ports of Iran Price:Will be quoted according to kind and quantity in reply to your L.O.I Inspection: By S.G.S at loading port Above price of portland cement TypeII from Iran is absed on advcance payment to teh account of the factory. For LC there is a mark up of 5USD/MT and documents will chaneg to other country Procedure to buy Portland Cement and Clinker: 1-BCL+Passport copy+LOI 2-Updating price and deal terms with factory 3-The buyer confirms priec and deal terms and deposit1USD/MT in an exchaneg shop and makes obligation will not cancell the deal 4- The factory issues PI Factory features for PORTLAND CEMENT : Received The Laboratory Management System Standard ISO 17025 Outstanding Producer Of All Grey Cements First Permanent Producer Of Cement 525-1 In Country Over Standards Producer Of Cements Type I, II, III Settled Integrated Management System (IMS) Received The ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Certificates Received The Certificate Of Improving Organization System Based On EFQM Model Handled The Green Management Certificate From  Iran Green Management Institute Portland cement type 1: This type is produced with various class of compression strength (325 -425 and 525) and have wide range of usages. Portland cement type 2: Is medium sulfate resistance cement with medium heat of hydration and chlorine resistance attack. Portland cement type3: This type of cement is dried and solidified quickly with high resistance. Portland cement type 4: Cement with low heat of hydration for great volumes. Portland cement type 5: High sulfate resistance cement for very salty lands. Portland cement type 6: Slag cement: This cement has all the characteristics of type 2 cement Characteristics of type 1-525: 1-      Less cement is needed, compared to other cements. 2-      Lesser amount of cement usage results in lower cost. 3-      Fast solidification and less time for remoulding in cases of pre-fabricated parts). 4-      High compression results in higher structural safety. 5-      Suitable to be used in very cold weather conditions, and in cold regions with freezing possibilities. Special characteristics: 1-      Using less energy in industry 2-      Less damage to the environment. Characteristics of type 2: 1-      Resistance against the attack of sulfate and chlorine. 2-      Suitable for structural drainage. 3-      Less cracks because of lower hydration heat. 4-      Suitable for work in warm weather condition. 5-      Suitable for salty lands next to the sea.

Specification of Portland Cement

Specification of Portland Cement :
TYPE 1-525
SiO2 21.09 |Al2O3 5.72
Fe2O3 3.4 |CaO 65.14
MgO 1.4 |SO3 1.65
Na2O 0.15|K2O 0.65
L.O.I. 0.8 |I.R. 0.58
C3S 56.91 |C2S 17.54
C3A 9.41 |C4AF 10.35
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