Cutback MC250 MC30

Brand: Pasargad oil co.

Supply offer: Cutback MC250 MC30

Specification: Cutback bitumen, Grades MC250, MC30, degree of permeability 120-250, density 250-500, flash point 250

Quantity: 2000 mt

Delivery term: Exwork Factory

Offer Date: 2019-04-04 00:00:00

Shipment time: 15 days

Validity : Suppiable

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Cutback MC250 MC30
Cutback bitumen, Grades MC250, MC30, degree of permeability 120-250, density 250-500, flash point 250
Application of Cutback bitumen: Cutback bitumen MC250 and MC30 used for initial sublimation of surfaces
Soluble Bitumen MC250 and MC30 Cutback Bitumen MC250 and MC30 OPAP brokerage is ready to accept orders for MC cutback bitumen from exporters and importers from Iran. In order to find out the price of cutback bitumen, you need to request along with financial confirmation from your bank. Application of Cutback bitumen: Cutback bitumen MC250 and MC30 used for initial sublimation of surfaces where penetration is hard for normal bitumen after which will be applied as final coating. Cutback bitumen is produced at different viscosities according to customers order. Terms of sale of MC cutback bitumen: Product Name: Cutback Bitumen Grades: MC30, MC 250 or special orders Specification of Cutback bitumen: According to specification as attached sheet. Dealer and Contractor: Pasargad Factory Packing: Bulk or Barrel Quantity: At least 2000 tons Term of delivery: Exwork Factory Place of delivery: Tabriz, Arak, Tehran, BandarAbbas, Abadan The price of cutback bitumen: will be invoiced against providing resume or financial capability letter Payment Term for monthly contract: Prepayment equal to 20% of the contract and payment of the value of each shipment before delivery. The payment accepted in the form of a Iran rial to the account of the factory in Iran. Payment Term for spot orders: Prepayment equal to 105% of the value of proforma before delivery Time to deliver Cutback bitumen MC: Ten to fifteen days Order Proedure: 1- Request and resume or financial confirmation for initial inquiry 2. Signing of a brokerage agreement and making deposit in a currency exchange 3- Follow the order by purchasing and negotiating broker and obtaining quota and issuing proforma by factory 4- Verifying the proforma and following instruction by the buyer Introduction of cutback Bitumen: The soluble bitumen or cutback bitumen is obtained by dissolving pure tar in solvents or petroleum oils such as gasoline, kerosene, oils. The type and quality of solution bitumen depends on the quality of pure base and type and amount of solvent. The psychometric content of bitumen is less or more depending on the amount of solvent used. The reasons for using soluble bitumen include the lack of access to bitumen heaters, the degradation of bitumen at high temperatures, the cooling of bitumen during work, the inability to penetrate porous minerals, the need for workers to be safe, and fire. Road-dispersible bitumen is used for surface, penetrating, surface asphalt, industrial cold or mixed mixtures. The impeller conveyor (MC) is made of solubilizing pure ash in kerosene, which is the number of suffixes representing viscosity of bitumen in terms of stent stokes. The soluble bitumen is classified according to the degree of viscosity and is divided into three groups according to its speed and type of solvent. Rapid bitumen (RC) is obtained from the dissolution of the base bitumen in gasoline and is carried out by the rapid pouring of gasoline. The retardant bitumen is obtained from the solubility of the base bitumen in the kerosene, which is that the rate of solvent evaporation from the gasoline is slower and gives more time to apply the original coating. The SCR bitumen, or the distillation of pure bitumen, is obtained in oils and petroleum solvents such as diesel oil or black oil, or, like pure asphaltene, directly from distillation of crude oil, which, in the current state, still does not contain solvent oils. It takes a long time to take full care of these bitumen after taking it.

Specification of Cutback MC250 MC30

Specification of Cutback MC250 MC30 :
Cutback bitumen
Grades MC250
degree of permeability 120-250
density 250-500
flash point 250
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