LPG SQ gas

Brand: sqgas

Supply offer: LPG SQ gas

Specification: LPG is Mix of 30%-50% Propane and 70% -50% Butane

Quantity: 4000 MT

Delivery term: Exwork Bandar Abbas

Offer Date: 2018/07/07

Shipment time: 10 Days

Validity : valid

Price of  LPG SQ gas 450 USD/MT 

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LPG SQ gas
LPG is Mix of 30%-50% Propane and 70% -50% Butane
LPG for export to Pakistan,Afghanistan used as clean energy and heat source in ovens ,industries , power plants
LPG origin Iran Sarkhon and Qeshm Refinery (SQ GAS Refinry) Liquefied petroleum gas LPG is suppliable from Sarkhon and Qeshm gas refinery for export to other countries . Price of LPG is valid at the date of offer. OPAP accepts orders for LPG from importers of LPG from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Deal terms for LPG from SQ GAS REFINERY are as bellow : The Seller : NIGC Delivery term : Exwork SQ GAS REFINERY BandarAbbas Packing : Bulk Quantity :4000mt or more Price of LPG for this offer has 110 USD discount according to CP ARAMCO for LPG gas at June 2018. Price of LPG at Aramaco CP for June is 560 USD/MT. Price of LPG :The Price formula of LPG in Iran energy exchange is Price of LPG for long term contracts based on Average price of LPG at CP ARAMCO for BUTANE + PROPANE minus a discount or plus a premium which will be applied by NIGC for regulation of the market of LPG. Price of mix of Butane and Propane will be calculated according to price of Butane and Propane in CP ARAMCO. The price CP ARAMCO for MAY 2018 for Propane is 560 USD/MT and for Butane is 560 USD/MT. Payment term: Payment of 110% of value of LPG in cash in advance to NIGC account in Euro currency to the sellers account out of Iran. Buyer is responsible to introduce the vessel in due time declared in Proforma other wise is responsible for delay and punishment for 5% of contract and payment of 12 USD/MT per day for delayed days and breach of contract. All costs in port of loading and officials is on behalf of the buyer so there is need the buyer to have a domestic agent to cover official process. Procedure : there is need to resume+ LOI + fund proofs + passport + certificate of establishment of the company of buyer by embassy of Iran .

Specification of LPG SQ gas

Specification of LPG SQ gas :
LPG is Mix of 30%-50% Propane and 70% -50% Butane
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