LPG Bandar Abbas

Brand: Bandar Abbas

Supply offer: LPG Bandar Abbas

Specification: C3 55، C4 45 ،H2S 5-20، RSH 150-250 ، C2 & LIGHTER MAX 1,mix of 30% Butane and 70% Propane

Quantity: 44000 MT

Delivery term: FOB  Bandar Abbas

Offer Date: 2018/08/27

Shipment time: TBA

Validity : 3 days

Price of  LPG Bandar Abbas -20 USD/MT 

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LPG Bandar Abbas
C3 55، C4 45 ،H2S 5-20، RSH 150-250 ، C2 & LIGHTER MAX 1,mix of 30% Butane and 70% Propane
LPG origin Iran for export and usage in heating systems in industries and home designed for usage liquified gas
LPG Iran for Export NIOPDC as owner of several refineries and producer of LPG and other oil products produce LPG and deliver with FOB Term in BandarAbbas port Iran. Price of LPG is based on price of LPG in CP OF Saudi Arabia for Butane and Propane with a discount or premium applied by the seller in Iran. Note: Offered price is only an estimation and shall not be used for decision. Prices of LPG in CP of Saudi Arabia in August 2018: Price of Propane 580 USD/mt Price of Butane is 595 USD /mt Average price of LPG in CP of Saudi Arabia is 585.5 USD/mt with MIX of 30% Propane to 70 % Butane. For this offer there is 20 USD/MT as discount on CP Aramco The buyer of LPG from NIGC need to accept regulation, price formula, delivery term and payment terms as bellow: Product : LPG Mix OF propane and butane according to the order of client Packing of LPG : Bulk in warm form which need refrigerated vessels for transportation Quantity : 5000mt to 40000mt in one or several shipment Specification of LPG : as attached specification to this offer Payment : 105% of value of LPG to the seller account in IRR or in EUR or USD currency out of Iran to the seller (NIGC) account. Performance bond by the buyer : 10% of payment will be assumed as contract performance guarantee for cases buyer fails for introducing and shipment of LPG in due dates. The buyer is responsible for all costs in PORT of loading. OPAP as purchase consulting company in association with the seller offers best buying service to importers of LPG from Iran, assuring fast and reliable process . The buyer OF LPG need to close commission contract with us and cover payment by deposit of commission in a money exchange company. The buyer of LPG need to provide request , company establishing documents , resume of company , fund proof addressed to NIGC and passport copy.

Specification of LPG Bandar Abbas

Specification of LPG Bandar Abbas :
C3 55، C4 45 ،H2S 5-20، RSH 150-250 ، C2 & LIGHTER MAX 1
mix of 30% Butane and 70% Propane
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