LPG Shazand

Brand: Shazand Refinery

Supply offer: LPG Shazand

Specification: LPG origin Iran Shazand ,C2 0.2MAX, C3 -, C4 -, C5 2 MAX, Hydrogen sulphide, Mercapatan sulphur 0.23 max, Odoring agent 12

Quantity: 3000 mt

Delivery term: Exwork Shazand Refinery

Offer Date: 2019/11/15

Shipment time: 10 days

Validity : suppliable

Price of  LPG Shazand 372.5 USD/mt 

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LPG Shazand
LPG origin Iran Shazand ,C2 0.2MAX, C3 -, C4 -, C5 2 MAX, Hydrogen sulphide, Mercapatan sulphur 0.23 max, Odoring agent 12
LPG for use in home for cooking and heating and for used in industries like electric power plants and steam production
LPG origin Iran Shazand Refinery OPAP offers purchase service to importers of LPG from Iran to neighbor countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, Iraq. The price of LPG from Shazand is 372.5 USD/MT Exwork factory. Price of LPG from Shazand refinery is valid in date of offer. For update an quotation there is need one of previous CMR or fun proof Deal terms as offered by refinery on Iran Energy Exchange website: Seller of LPG from Shazand is NIOPDC. Specification of LPG: As attached sheet Packing: Bulk form Delivery term: Exwork factory Arak Payment: 105% in advance to the account of factory in or out of Iran Shipment: starts in less than 10 days Destination of LPG from Shazand: neighbour countries by land Inspection: inspection by third party company before leaving the yard of factory on buyer cost Procedure: 1- The buyer signs purchase consulting contract and applies for payment guarantee in exchange shop 2-The buyer presents all documents and lOI to NIOPDC 3-Allocation will be obtained for the client and proforma will be issued by the refinery 4-The buyer commences for payment and delivery The buyer need to present LOI with resume and fund proof and passport copy and confirm payment of purchase consulting fee.

Specification of LPG Shazand

Specification of LPG Shazand :
LPG origin Iran Shazand
C2 0.2MAX
C3 -
C4 -
C5 2 MAX
Hydrogen sulphide
Mercapatan sulphur 0.23 max
Odoring agent 12
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