Bitumen 50/70 Arak

Brand: Pasargad

Supply offer: Bitumen 50/70 Arak

Specification: Bitumen 50/70,Packing Bulk, penetration 50-70, sofening point 49-56, ductility 100min, flash point 250 min

Quantity: 2000 mt

Delivery term: Exwork Arak

Offer Date: 2019/02/07

Shipment time: 7 days

Validity : Suppliable

Price of  Bitumen 50/70 Arak 24000000 IRR/mt 

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Bitumen 50/70 Arak
Bitumen 50/70,Packing Bulk, penetration 50-70, sofening point 49-56, ductility 100min, flash point 250 min
Bitumen 50/70 for covering roads and street as pavement and for insulation of structures
Bitumen 50/70 Iran Arak OPAP offers purchase service to importers of bitumen 60/70 from Iran. The Price of bitumen 50-70 is valid at the date of offer. Pasargad oil company is famous and reliable brand which produce all kind of bitumens according to standards in Europe and Iran. For bulk shipment of bitumen buyers need to introduced the bulk vessels with heater for shipment of bulk bitumen and keeping the bitumen warm and fluent. OPAP purchase consultancy supplies all kinds of bitumens origin Iran: Bitumen 30-40, Bitumen 60-70, bitumen 85-100, bitumen VG30, bitumen VG40 Deal Term to buy bitumen: 1- Product : Bitumen 2- Grade of bitumen: 50/70 3- Origin of Bitumen: Iran / Tabriz/ Pasargad oil company 4- Specification of bitumen: As attached sheet 5- Packing: bulk , on request packing in new steel drum is applicable with additional cost 6- Quantity: 3000mt minimum 7- Delivery term: Exwork factory Tabriz 8- Price of bitumen: 21750000 IRR/MT Exwork Factory in bulk 9- Payment : 105% in cash in advance to factory account in Iran with IRR currency, domestic buyers will pay in IRR along with 10% VAT 10- Inspection of bitumen: By third party company on buyer cost while loading Deal process to buy bitumen: 1- LOI along with resume and fund proof and passport copy Foreign buyers need to translate papers of their company and certify by embassy of Iran 2- Signing Purchase consulting contract and applying payment Guarantee in exchange shop 4- Following the order for obtaining allocation by purchase consultancy Please issue initial LOI with one BL from last shipments by the buyer or fund proof and passport copy.

Specification of Bitumen 50/70 Arak

Specification of Bitumen 50/70 Arak :
Bitumen 50/70
Packing Bulk
penetration 50-70
sofening point 49-56
ductility 100min
flash point 250 min
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