Bitumen 85/100

Brand: Tabriz Refinery

Supply offer: Bitumen 85/100

Specification: bulk bitumen ,penetration 85-100,softening point 45-52,ductility 100min,flash point 225 min

Quantity: 10000 mt

Delivery term: Exwork Tabriz

Offer Date: 2018/06/06

Shipment time: 10 days

Validity : suppliable

Price of  Bitumen 85/100 374 USD/mt 

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Bitumen 85/100
bulk bitumen ,penetration 85-100,softening point 45-52,ductility 100min,flash point 225 min
bitumen 85/100 for covering buildings,Asphalt , insliveryulation
Bitumen 85/100 Tabriz Refinery OPAP purchase consultancy offers purchase service to importers and exporters of bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 85/100 from Iran. Price of bitumen 85/100 is valid at the date of offer. Deal terms for buying bitumen 60/70 from Tabriz refinery: Specification of bitumen 85/100 as attached file. Packing of bitumen 85/100 in bulk form to be delivered to tanker trucks which need heating system to keep the bitumen in liquid form while transportation. On demand by the customer packing of bitumen 85/100 in steel barrels and poly bags are applicable with adding costs. Delivery term of bitumen 85/100 is Exwork factory. Payment term is based on 105% advance payment to the factory account in Iran in IRR currency or in USD out of Iran. Performance bond guarantee:10% of the value of contract need to be paid in advance to the factory account. The buyer need to introduce his forwarder and make shipment of the bitumen at agreed period. For order there is need the buyer to issue LOI + passport copy+ Papers of Establishment of the company + Resume + Confirming applying for commission

Specification of Bitumen 85/100

Specification of Bitumen 85/100 :
bulk bitumen
penetration 85-100
softening point 45-52
ductility 100min
flash point 225 min
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