LPG lavan

Brand: Lavan Refinery

Supply offer: LPG lavan

Specification: LPG , lequified Petrolium Gas ,Lavan Refinery,Ethane 0.2,Propane 20-30,Butane 70-80,Pentane 2,Hydrogen sulfhide Negative,Mercapatan Sulphur 0.23,

Quantity: 5000 Mt

Delivery term: FOB Lavan

Offer Date: 2021/04/12

Shipment time: 15 days

Validity : Suppliable

Price of  LPG lavan Aramco -160 USD/Mt 

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LPG lavan
LPG , lequified Petrolium Gas ,Lavan Refinery,Ethane 0.2,Propane 20-30,Butane 70-80,Pentane 2,Hydrogen sulfhide Negative,Mercapatan Sulphur 0.23,
LPG gas for export and use in home cooking and waming systems, gas power plants
LPG Lavan refinery OPAP offers consulting service to importers and exporters of LPG from Iran. Price of LPG is valid at the date of offer. OPTION A: Deal with LC out of Iran 1- Contractor is a trading company 2- Lc accepted out of Iran 3- Price of LPG : CP Aramco minus 135USD/MT FOB lavan with LC OPTION B: :Deal terms for buying LPG from Lavan refinery: 1-shipment and berth capacity for loading LPG from Lavan refinery is 1500-5000 mt. Price for LPG is based on two factors: a- Base price as CP Saudi Arabia for coming month at loading time b- Premium or discount applied by NIGC according to market request Price of LPG in CP Aramco in February 2020 are as bellow: Price of Aramco in April 2021 for Propane is 560 USD/mt Price of Armaco in April 2021 for Butane is 530 USD/mt Average price of LPG in CP of Saudi Arabia is 545 USD/mt with MIX of 50% Propane to 50 % Butane. For this offer there is 160 USD/MT discount on CP Aramco The price of LPG assumed 379 USD/mt FOB Lavan for advanace payment. Customer only makes agreement on amount of discount or premium which will remain steady for agreed contract and quantity and section A of price will be regulated according to CP price at days of loading. Ethane in calculation of price will be added to Propane and Pentane to Butane. 3-Inspection allowed from LPG storage in shore before loading by third party inspection company 4-Payment is in cash in advance to refinery account out of Iran before loading Payment by LC or BG with Euro with 30 days due date is accepted in Iran through domestic banks. Payment by LC or BG with 30 days due date is accepted out of Iran. 5-Delay in shipment more than 20 days result in cancelling of the contract 6-Export declaration of LPG is with name of Lavan refinery. Please issue your LOI along with establishment papers of your company, fund proof, resume , passport copy and LOI to Lavan Refinery and second lOI for us as consulting company. Procedure: 1- The buyer signs purchase consulting contract and applies for payment guarantee in exchange shop 2-The buyer presents all documents and lOI to NIOPDC 3-Allocation will be obtained for the client and proforma will be issued by the refinery 4-The buyer commences for payment and delivery The buyer need to present LOI with resume and fund proof and passport copy and confirm payment of purchase consulting fee.

Specification of LPG lavan

Specification of LPG lavan :
lequified Petrolium Gas
Lavan Refinery
Ethane 0.2
Propane 20-30
Butane 70-80
Pentane 2
Hydrogen sulfhide Negative
Mercapatan Sulphur 0.23
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