Light Hydrocarbon A96

Brand: Iran

Supply offer: Light Hydrocarbon A96

Specification: Light Hydrocarbon, Density 773 kg/m3, Sulphur 50ppm, IBP 43.3, FBP 181, RON 95.8, MON 89.2, Benzen 0.73, Aromatics 35.3, Color bright

Quantity: 5000 mt

Delivery term: Exwork Refinery

Offer Date: 2018-12-14 00:00:00

Shipment time: 7 days

Validity : valid

Price of  Light Hydrocarbon A96 670 USD/mt 

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Light Hydrocarbon A96
Light Hydrocarbon, Density 773 kg/m3, Sulphur 50ppm, IBP 43.3, FBP 181, RON 95.8, MON 89.2, Benzen 0.73, Aromatics 35.3, Color bright
light hydrocarbon or gasolie for use in blending or direct usages as consumption in Gasoline engins
Light hydrocarbon 50 PPM A96 Light hydrocarbon origin Iran OPAP consulting company accept orders for light hydrocarbon (Gasoline Octane 96) origin Iran for export to Emirate ,Afghanistan, Armenia,Pakistan , Kurdistan. Product is reliable on specification and stability of features and specifications. Price of light hydrocarbon (gasoline) A96 is valid at the ate of offer. For updating price and availability of the product please send your LOI with resume. For clients from Arabian countries delivery term is FOB Bandar Abbas port with addition of inland transportation cost. Terms of deal: Product: Light Hydrocarbon A96 Origin: Iran Specification: as bellow table Packing: Bulk Quantity:5000mt spot or per month Delivery term: Exwork factory Tehran Shipment: 250-500 mt each shipment and 1250 mt/week Price: 670 USD/mt Exwork factory Tehran Payment Guarantee: Cash deposit in an exchange shop for value of 1000mt which will remain for all contract period Payment for each shipment:100% cash against CMR at origin customs. Inspection: Inspection at yard of the seller while loading on buyer`s cost by mutually agreed inspection company The seller and the buyer is responsible for all duties and costs for export and import in their conutries. Shipping documents: Commercial invoice, packing list, CMR, Certificate of origin and inspection report on buyer cost Documents required for accepting order: LOI, Passport copy, Verifiable resume like past BL, Fund proof Commission: 5USD/MT excluded in price will be deposited in an exchange shop for 2000mt by the buyer Procedure: 1. The buyer signs and confirm acceptance of this offer with all terms and conditions 2. The buyer presents the copy of the passport and resume for verification of the buyer 3. OPAP purchase consultancy arrange for final agreements between the seller and the buyer for all terms 4. The buyer applies and deposit commission in currency exchange shop which remains valid for all contract period and quantity and the buyer pays commission in cash for each shipment 5. The buyer invited for meeting with the seller and signing contract, this can be done online of buyer likes so 6. The buyer applies for deposit of money in an exchange shop in beneficiary of the seller as agreed in contract 7. The buyer introduces his for forwarding company for delivery and shipment

Specification of Light Hydrocarbon A96

Specification of Light Hydrocarbon A96 :
Light Hydrocarbon
Density 773 kg/m3
Sulphur 50ppm
IBP 43.3
FBP 181
RON 95.8
MON 89.2
Benzen 0.73
Aromatics 35.3
Color bright
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