Brand: Pars PC

Supply offer: LPG Pars PC

Specification: Cold LPG,C3 30، C4 70 ،H2S 5-20، RSH 150-250 ، C2 & LIGHTER MAX 1,mix of 30% Butane and 70% Propane

Quantity: 42000 MT

Delivery term: FOB BIK

Offer Date: 2021-08-23 07:58:27

Shipment time: 20 days

Validity : Suppliable

Price of  LPG Pars PC Aramco -75 USD/MT 

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Cold LPG,C3 30، C4 70 ،H2S 5-20، RSH 150-250 ، C2 & LIGHTER MAX 1,mix of 30% Butane and 70% Propane
LPG origin Iran for export and usage in heating systems in industries and home designed for usage liquified gas
LPG Iran Pars petrochemical company for Export Pars petrochemical company LPG for sea shipping Price of LPG is valid at the date of offer. For update and exact quotation there is need to fund proof,loi,resume and passport copy. How to buy and import LPG from Iran: Option A:Payment by LC or Exchange 1-Deal and contract is with a trading company 2-Packing: bulk 3-Mix of Propane and Butane in percent :30-70 4-Delivery term: CFR China South Ports 5-Payment: By at sight LC against shipping documents at loading port 6-Documents: shipping Documents will be changed to other origin for sea shipments 7-Inspection: By third party company on buyers cost,inspection report is not involved in shipping documents and will be sent by courier. 8-Price: The price of LPG is equal to CP Aramco Minus 50 USD/mt FOB BIK The price of LPG is equal to CP Aramco plus 20 USD/mt CFR China South Ports Option B: Deal direct with NIGC with advance payment and delivery with FCA term: Price of LPG in CP Aramco in august 2021 is as bellow: Price of Aramco for Propane is 660 USD/mt Price of Armaco for Butane is 655 USD/mt Average price of LPG in CP of Saudi Arabia is 658.5 USD/mt with MIX of 70% Propane to 30 % Butane. The price of LPG is equal to CP of Aramco minus 78 USD/MT FOB BIK Port . The price of LPG is equal to CP of Aramco minus 8 USD/MT CFR China South Ports . For middle and north Chinese ports price will be added 5usd/mt and 8USD/MT respectivily. The buyer of LPG from NIGC need to accept regulation, price formula, delivery term and payment terms as bellow: Product : LPG Mix of Butane to Propane 30 Butane-70 Propane WITH 10% tolerance Packing of LPG : Bulk Quantity : 42000mt in one shipment Specification of LPG : as attached specification to this offer Payment : 10% of value of LPG to the sellers account before loading and 90 percenet 5 days after NOR for first destination port in EUR or AED out of Iran to the sellers (NIGC) account. Performance bond by the buyer : 10% in IRR in Iran assumed as contract performance guarantee for case the buyer fails to complete the deal in due time. Laytime in first unloading port is 48+6 hours and in second port 12+6 hours and daily demorage is 55000USD/day Proedure: 1- Presenting LOI along with fund proof, resume and passport copy 2- Offering terms and price by OPAP after consulting with the seller 3- The buyer confirms deal terms and price and procedure 4- The buyer makes deposit 1USD/MT in an exhange shop and makes Obligation to buy with agreed terms and price and will pay all commissions 5- The seller issues proforma

Specification of LPG Pars PC

Specification of LPG Pars PC :
Cold LPG
C3 30، C4 70 ،H2S 5-20، RSH 150-250 ، C2 & LIGHTER MAX 1
mix of 30% Butane and 70% Propane
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