Ammonia Liquid

Brand: Shiraz

Supply offer: Ammonia Liquid

Specification: Structure NH3, in liquid form, color: bright clear, Density 0.769 kg/m3, Purity 99.9 min, Packing bulk or Barrel

Quantity: 25000 mt

Delivery term: FOB BIK

Offer Date: 2022-01-03 14:56:02

Shipment time: 10 dyas

Validity : Suppliable

Price of  Ammonia Liquid 610 USD/mt 

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Ammonia Liquid
Structure NH3, in liquid form, color: bright clear, Density 0.769 kg/m3, Purity 99.9 min, Packing bulk or Barrel
Liquid Ammonia is as fertilizer and cleaner and production of explosives
Ammonia Liquid Ammonia origin Iran Deal terms to buy Ammonia: Specification of ammonia as attached sheet. Quantity:25000mt or more Packing of ammonia: in bulk form Delivery term: FOB BIK or other ports of Iran Price of ammmonia 610USD/MT FOB BIK in bulk form Payment: in cash in advance to the account of the seller out of Iran The prices of ammonia are valid at the date of offer. For updtae of price and availability of product please issue your loi with bCL and your last bl. Structur eof Ammonia: NH3 a combination of one niotrogen with three Hydrogen atoms. Usages of Ammonia: Ammonia used widely as Cleaner. Ammonium hydroxide which is a solution of NH3 in water is used as a general purpose cleaner for many surfaces like glass, porcelain and stainless steel, Because ammonia results in a relatively streak-free shine. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a chemical formula NH3. Ammonia consists of hydrogen and nitrogen. Ammonia in aqueous form called as ammonium hydroxide. This inorganic compound has a pungent smell. Ammonia in concentrated form is dangerous and caustic. Ammonia is lighter than air with a density of 0.769 kg/m3 at STP. Ammonia widely used as a fertilizer. Ammonia also used in the manufacturing of explosives such as nitrocellulose and TNT. Ammonia also is used in the production of soda ash and in the Ostwald process to get nitric acid.

Specification of Ammonia Liquid

Specification of Ammonia Liquid :
Structure NH3
in liquid form
color: bright clear
Density 0.769 kg/m3
Purity 99.9 min
Packing bulk or Barrel
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