Rubber Granular

Brand: Iran

Supply offer: Rubber Granular

Specification: Rubber granules particle sizes 2.0mm-6.0mm , sorting on buyer request, packing in 1 ton big bag

Quantity: 20 mt

Delivery term: FOB  Bandarbbas

Offer Date: 2021-10-22 21:15:25

Shipment time: 20 days

Validity : Valid

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Rubber Granular
Rubber granules particle sizes 2.0mm-6.0mm , sorting on buyer request, packing in 1 ton big bag
Rubber Granular for use in, • Infill for artificial turf ,• Safe playground surfaces and walkways and trails and sidewalks, • bulding Base layers for flooring, • Rubber-modified asphalt and sealants
Rubber Granular Rubber Granular 2.0-4.0 mm Rubber Granular 4.0-6.0 mm Rubber Granular are availble from 2mm to 6 mm in dimensions. Rubber Granular with following sizes are available: 0-4, 0-6, 0-10, 0-25 mm. If desired the granules can be sieved into other sizes. Sorting of granular rubber can be regulated according to costumer needs. Packing of ruber granular will be done in 1 mt jumbo bags so as exporting by container and normal shipping lines is possible. Delivery term for rubber granular is Exwork for land shipments or FOB bandarabbas for sea shipments. Payment for granular rubber : 30% in advance and 70% on copy of BL. Please issue your loi along with your target price and specifiaction you need. Rubber granular: Rubber granular obtained by shredding and crushing of waste and out of used tyres from light automobiles to tyres of heavy trucks. Shredding and crushing done by conventinal rubber processing machineries. Usages of granulated rubber: Granulated rubbers at present has found many usages for itself and now Many industries tend to use granulated rubber: • Granulated rubbers as filler for artificial turf • Granulated rubbers for producing safe playground surfaces, walkways, trails, sidewalks • Granulated rubbers as Base layers for flooring • Granulated rubbers for use in rubber-modified asphalt and sealants Specification of rubber granular: Granulated rubbers has very special features which make them suitable for usages named above: Rubber Granular are durable, Rubber Granular are long lasting Rubber Granular are environmentally friendly Rubber Granular are made of 100% recycled material help in decreasing costs when used in other compaonds to produce products Rubber Granular because of their fine and extra-fine particle sizes easily are disperseable in required formulations. Rubber Granular with high quality specifiactions which ensure secure production of other products. From rubber waste to usable raw materials Because of its versatility and adaptability, granular produced from rubber waste are suitable for various purposes. so by processesing of vulcanised rubber waste into granules and powder it will be aviable for rubber processing industries to use the rubber granules to manufacture products such as insulation materials and safety tiles,sports surfaces. The powder of finely grounded rubber has such a high quality that can be used as a filler in virgin rubber compounds.

Specification of Rubber Granular

Specification of Rubber Granular :
Rubber granules particle sizes 2.0mm-6.0mm
sorting on buyer request
packing in 1 ton big bag
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