Gas Oil 5000 PPM


Supply offer: Gas Oil 5000 PPM

Specification: Gas oil, Origin Iran,Sulphur 5000 ppm ,Density 820-860 kg/m3,Pour point 3max,Flash point 54 min

Quantity: 6000 mt

Delivery term: Exwork Bandarabbas

Offer Date: 2021-04-04 00:00:00

Shipment time: 7 days

Validity : suppliable

Price of  Gas Oil 5000 PPM 470 USD/mt 

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Gas Oil 5000 PPM
Gas oil, Origin Iran,Sulphur 5000 ppm ,Density 820-860 kg/m3,Pour point 3max,Flash point 54 min
Gas oil to export to Afghanistan for use in diesel engins and power generator and diesel motors
Gas oil 5000 PPM origin Iran for Afghanistan OPAP supplies Gas oil origin Iran to exporters and importers of gas oil to Afghanistan . The Price of gas oil 5000PPM is valid at the date of offer. For any update there is need to fund proof. How to buy gas oil 5000 PPM from Isfahan refinery: Option A: Payment through exchange shop: 1- Seller is a trading company 2- Delivery term : Exwork factory in Isfahan shipment to destination is acceptable by adding transportation cost 3- Payment: through exchange shop against CMR at yard of factory 4- Performance Bond guarantee: 20 percent of value of contract value will be deposited near exchange shop by the buyer 4- The Price of gas oil 5000 PPM : Destination : Afghanistan : 490 USD/MT Exwork Bandarabbas 5- Quantity:6000mt minimum 6- Specification:5000PPM gas oil as attached specification For any update there is need to fund proof and resume from buyer with target price Opation B:Deal with NIOPDC: Advance payemt and Exwork: 1-Gas oil specification as attached with 5000ppm sulfur content 2-Destination Kurdistan, Turkey,Afghanistan,Uzbekistan 3-Packing of gas oil : bulk 4-Delivery term of gas oil : Exwork factory Isfahan 5-Price of gas oil 5000PPM: 470 USD/MT Exwork BandarAbbas Destination A: Iraq Kurdistan :400 USD/mt Exwork Isfahan refinery Destination B: Afghanistan : 360 USD/MT Exwork Isfahan refinery or 380 USD/MT Exwork Mashhad storages 5- Quantity:30000mt minimum 6-Payment: by cash in advance in foreign currencies out of Iran or in IRR to the account of the refinery 7-Payment Term: 20% of the value of the proforma in advance to the account of the seller and balance for each shipment before loading 8-Contract bond guarantee: 10% of advance payement assumed as performance bond guarantee 9-Delivery and shipment starts in less than 7 days Procedure to buy gas oil from Isfahan: 1- The buyer issues Request, resume, fund proof, Passport copy and target price 2- Offering deal terms by OPAP consulting company and maked agreement with the buyer 3- The buyer signs consulting contract and deposit consulting fee in money exchange shop to be paid against proforma 4- Issuing proforma by the seller 5- Verifying proforma and following instructions Documents needed for buying gas oil fro Afghanistan: 1- LOI to NIOPDC Confirming price , terms of deal issued by the seller 2- Papers for establishing of the company of the buyer certified by the embassy of Iran, 3- Resume for verification 4- Fund Proof from the buyers bank for verification 5- Passport copy of the buyer 6- The buyer issues a letter to OPAP authorizing us as consulting company and confirms the buyer is ready to deposit money in an exchange company for consulting fee. Please issue your LOI to OPAP as consulting company with resume for start.

Specification of Gas Oil 5000 PPM

Specification of Gas Oil 5000 PPM :
Gas oil
Origin Iran
Sulphur 5000 ppm
Density 820-860 kg/m3
Pour point 3max
Flash point 54 min
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