Fuel oil Russia

Brand: Rosneft

Supply offer: Fuel oil Russia

Specification: low sulphur fuel,IFO380 (RMG380),IFO180 (RME180),MGO (DMA)

Quantity: 1200000 mt

Delivery term: FOB Russian ports

Offer Date: 2017/08/19

Shipment time: 20 days

Validity : valid

Price of  Fuel oil Russia TBA/mt 

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Fuel oil Russia
low sulphur fuel,IFO380 (RMG380),IFO180 (RME180),MGO (DMA)
Marine fuel for use in marine as feul for tankers and ocian vessels and in idustries or as raw material for refining in refineriies
Fuel oil origin Russia Rosneft Supplies marine fuel origin Russia OPAP purchase consultancy supplies buying service to buyers of fuel oil and other products from Rosneft Russia with easy and short process. Bellow is reproduced from Rosneft website: Products Rosneft Marine supplies high quality low sulphur fuel that meets ISO8217:2005. By controlling all the elements of the supply chain, Rosneft supplies high quality marine fuel that is in compliance with the highest international standards as well as MARPOL. Rosneft also consistently supplies low sulphur fuel that exceeds current sulphur limits in ECAs. The company has the use of 14 terminals as well as 36 bunker fuel tankers to ensure that it consistently delivers the highest quality fuel. Rosneft Marine supplies the following grades in its ports IFO380 (RMG380) IFO180 (RME180) MGO (DMA)

Specification of Fuel oil Russia

Specification of Fuel oil Russia :
low sulphur fuel
IFO380 (RMG380)
IFO180 (RME180)
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