Gas Oil NIOC

Brand: NIOC

Supply offer: Gas Oil NIOC

Specification: Gas oil , Origin Iran, ,Density 820-860 kg/m3, Sulphur 0.7-1 %, Pour point 3max, Flash point min 54

Quantity: 35000 mt

Delivery term: FOB  Bandarabbas

Offer Date: 2019/01/23

Shipment time: 20 days

Validity : Valid

Price of  Gas Oil NIOC PG Platts - 14 USD/mt 

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Gas Oil NIOC 
Gas oil , Origin Iran, ,Density 820-860 kg/m3, Sulphur 0.7-1 %, Pour point 3max, Flash point min 54
Gasoil origin Iran for export to all countries for use in diesel engins in Trucks and electric power genrators
Gas oil Iran Gasoil Iran Export gas oil with FOB term BandarAbbas or Mahshar ports OPAP consultancy accepts buying consulting service to buy gas oil origin Iran from NIOC. Main Terms and conditions to buy oil products from NIOC: 1- Product : Gas oil 2- Origin Iran 3- Specification of gas oil as standard specification defined by the seller for export from 0.5 to 1% sulphur content which mostly is about 0.85% 4- Packing of gas oil : Bulk shipment in bulk tanker vessels 5- Delivery term : FOB Iran ports 6- Price of gas oil : According to price formula by NIOC for gas oil which based on price of gas oil in Persian Gulf (Dubai Platts) Platts with a discount applied by the seller 7- Payment for gas oil: 105% of the value of each shipment in advance to the account of the seller out of Iran in USD currency Documents need for Registration with NIOC : 1- LOI to NIOC 2- Papers of establishing of the company showing rights for signature 3- Resume showing past deals on oil products 4- Fund proof from a prime bank 5- Passport copy Procedure of buying gas oil from NIOC: 1- LOI for OPAP as consulting company confirming deal terms with NIOC 2- Providing all documents requested above 3- Applying for buying obligation and applying buying guarantee 4- Considering resume and fund proof and papers by NIOC 5- Issuing invitation letter or email for buyer invited for negotiation 6- Negotiation mutually between buyer and seller for all terms and discount 7- Signing the contract and following terms in it by the buyer 8- Advance payment to the seller`s account and making deposit for commission Please issue your LOI +Resume to OPAP confirming all terms and procedure.

Specification of Gas Oil NIOC

Specification of Gas Oil NIOC :
Gas oil
Origin Iran

Density 820-860 kg/m3
Sulphur 0.7-1 %
Pour point 3max
Flash point min 54
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