Light Crude Oil

Brand: NIOC

Supply offer: Light Crude Oil

Specification: Light Crude oil, Origin Iran, API 33.6, Specific Gravity 0.8568, Sulfur 1.46, Pour Point -12,Asphaltene 1.6

Quantity: 3000000 Barrel

Delivery term: FOB Kharg

Offer Date: 2018 October

Shipment time: 20 days

Validity : Valid

Price of  Light Crude Oil 76.29 USD /Barrel 

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Light Crude Oil
Light Crude oil, Origin Iran, API 33.6, Specific Gravity 0.8568, Sulfur 1.46, Pour Point -12,Asphaltene 1.6
Ligth crude oil Origin Iran for refining and producing oil products like gas oil . Gasoline, Nahpta, Solvent 402, Kerosene, Aviation kerosene
Light Crude oil origin Iran Iran has variety of best quality crude oils from Heavy to light and blended crude oil to comply with any kind of process definition so you can select the right one suitable for your refinery. OPAP Consultancy offers buying service to interested buyers of light or heavy crude oils from Iran. Price of crude oil origin Iran: Price of crude oil varies according to destination applied index, so please refer to website of NIOC for updates. Price formulation by NIOC: If quotation is made by discounts on indexes , Having your destination and kind of crude oil please find Price index and premium or discount applied by NIOC. Currently NIOC in pricing of crude oil instead of showing discounts and index for each destination simply has made quotation by fix price for coming month as showed bellow. Monthly Iranian Crude Oil Prices (OCT/2018 ) US$/Barrel Region Destination) Light Heavy Forozan Soroosh North West Europe - 76.78 74.01 74.16 - Mediterranean - - - 76.27 73.78 74.02 70.42 SidiKerir - - - - - 78.17 75.77 75.92 - SouthAfrica - - - - 76.87 74.12 74.27 - Asia -- - - - - - - 80.82 78.67 78.82 73.67 How to buy crude oil origin Iran: The buyer of crude oil from Iran need to be registered by NIOC before receiving invitation letter for negotiation on allocation of crude oil, price and payment. OPAP Consultancy is in your access to facilitate deal process and obtain allocation with confidence and shortly. If you like to hire us for facilitating buying of crude oil please issue your initial request to us and confirm bellow terms: 1- Confirming one of specifications offered by NIOC 2- Delivery term : FOB Iran ports 3- Price formulation by NIOC without no more discount 4- Payment in advance for three shipment to NIOC account out of Iran in USD 5- The buyer need to be refinery as end user or have supply contract with a refinery 6- The buyer presents LOI + Resume + Fund Proof + Establishing papers 7- The buyer confirms all documents are valid and genuine Deal process: 1- Issuing LOI to us confirming above terms 2- The buyer Signs consulting contract with us in Iran and authorize us for initial negotiation and preparing condition 3- The buyer provides all documents requested by NIOC for registration 4- The seller issues Proforma after negotiation with the buyer 5- The buyer pays to the seller according to contract and shipments start

Specification of Light Crude Oil

Specification of Light Crude Oil :
Light Crude oil
Origin Iran
API 33.6
Specific Gravity 0.8568
Sulfur 1.46
Pour Point -12
Asphaltene 1.6
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