Gas Oil Tabriz

Brand: Tabriz

Supply offer: Gas Oil Tabriz

Specification: Gas oil , Origin Iran, Density 820-860 kg/m3, Pour point 3max, Flash point min 54,Sulphur 0.7-1 %

Quantity: 5000 mt

Delivery term: Exwork Tabriz

Offer Date: 2018/11/23

Shipment time: 10 days

Validity : Suppliable

Price of  Gas Oil Tabriz 570 USD/mt 

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Gas Oil Tabriz
Gas oil , Origin Iran, Density 820-860 kg/m3, Pour point 3max, Flash point min 54,Sulphur 0.7-1 %
Gas oil used as fuel in diesel engines and power generator and diesel motors
Gas oil Tabriz refinery Gasoil for export to Kurdistan, Armenia, Turkey, Uzbekistan OPAP offers purchase consulting service to importers of gas oil from Tabriz refinery for export to Kurdistan and Armenia. OPAP purchase consultancy supplies buying service for both spot gas oil orders and yearly contract. Price of gas oil is valid at the date of offer. You know that gas oil is offered for sales in Iran exchange energy and the buyer need to take part in bid and in case there is no higher offer by clients for offered gas oil the buyer has chance to win the allocation. OPAP help to buyers to obtain allocation according to their plan for importing gas oil to their destination in Kurdistan or Armenia. The buyer of gas oil from Iran need to have financial agent in Iran in order to deposit money for consulting service and for payment to the seller. Price of gas oil from Tabriz is formulated according to prices in destination so as the buyer always has a margin to benefit from importing gas oil to his country. Main terms by NIOPDC as exporter of gas oil from Tabriz refinery: 1-Gas oil specification as attached with 0.7-1% sulfur content 2-Destination Kurdistan, Armenia , Turkey,this offer is for Kurdistan 3-Packing of gas oil : bulk 4-Delivery term of gas oil : Exwork Tabriz 5-Payment of the value of gas oil accepted in foreign currencies to the account of the refinery out of Iran 5-Payment 105% of value of proforma in advance to sellers account 6-Contract bond guarantee: 10% of total value of contract in cash or as bank guarantee from domestic banks 7-Delivery and shipment starts in less than three days and the buyer has 29 days for shipment Procedure to buy gas oil from Tabriz: 1- Request to OPAP as consultancy along with resume need for preparing offer 2- The Buyer confirms offer and issue fund proofs along with essential documents addressed to NIOPDC. 3- The buyer signs consulting contract and deposit consulting fee in money exchange company and make it conditional 4- The buyer receives and verify the proforma(allocation)from NIOPDC or Refinery and apply for contract and payment to the seller 5- Delivery and shipment of gas oil starts Please issue you lOI with resume addressed to OPAP purchase consultancy.

Specification of Gas Oil Tabriz

Specification of Gas Oil Tabriz :
Gas oil
Origin Iran
Density 820-860 kg/m3
Pour point 3max
Flash point min 54
Sulphur 0.7-1 %
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