Gasoline A90 Turkmen

Brand: Turkmenistan

Supply offer: Gasoline A90 Turkmen

Specification: Octane number :95 ,unleaded gasoline, Mass portion of sulfur : 0.05% max ,Color : colorless to before yellow ,Acidity 3max

Quantity: 60000 mt

Delivery term: CFR Anzali/Amirabad

Offer Date: 2018/05/25

Shipment time: 2 weeks

Validity : Suppliable

Price of  Gasoline A90 Turkmen Platts -30 USD/mt 

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Gasoline A90 Turkmen
Octane number :95 ,unleaded gasoline, Mass portion of sulfur : 0.05% max ,Color : colorless to before yellow ,Acidity 3max
Gasoline origin Turkmenistan to be tansit to Kurdistan and Afghanistan for use in cars
Gasoline A80-A92-A95 origin Turkmenistan OPAP purchase consultancy offers best buying service to importers and buyers of gasoline origin Turkmenistan to transit to Kurdistan , Armenia , Afghanistan. Price of gasoline origin Turkmenistan for each month will be regulated according to price of Gasoline at MED PLATTs with agreed discount with the buyer. Deal terms to buy gasoline origin Turkmenistan: Gasoline Octane number A80-A92-A95 Specification of Gasoline: according to attached specification Quantity : 60000mt for one year and 5000mt/month Delivery term: FOB Turkmenbashi Turkmenistan Shipments: 4500 to 5500 mt each shipment First delivery of gasoline: with 10 days from issuing LC Payment : By LC at sight against shipping documents and inspection report at destination port or BG for two month shipments and payment in cash against shipping documents at loading port. Payment guarantee by deposit of money in exchange company as deposit with higher prices accepted. The buyer of gasoline origin Turkmenistan need to deposit money for buying service , commission, before introduction to the seller for negotiation. Procedure to by gasoline origin Turkmenistan: 1- LOI with last bl from buyer and fund proof 2- Agreement on contract terms 3- Obligation to buy by the buyer with agreed terms and deposit of money for commission in a money exchange company 4- Introduction to the buyer for signing contract 5- Issuing LC and the seller commences for shipment

Specification of Gasoline A90 Turkmen

Specification of Gasoline A90 Turkmen :
Octane number :95
unleaded gasoline
Mass portion of sulfur : 0.05% max
Color : colorless to before yellow
Acidity 3max
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