Barley feed

برند: Russia

پیشنهاد فروش: Barley feed

مشخصات: Protein min 11% , Aflatoxin b1 max 5 ppb

مقدار: 3000mt

تحویل: CIF Anzali

تاریخ آگهی: 2017/09/01

زمان تحویل: 20 days

اعتبار: unlimited with price update

قیمت هر mt  Barley feed  223USD 

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 Barley feed 
Protein min 11% , Aflatoxin b1 max 5 ppb
کاربردهای Barley feed : barley feed origin Russia used in poultry farm, animla farm, dairy farm for feeding animals and poultries
Supplies barley feed origin Russia Export and transit barley feed origin Russia to Kurdistan. OPAP Consultancy accepts purchase orders from poultry farms and dairy farms , animal farms for barley feed origin Russia. Seller is a big investor in farming and has four exclusive elevators in Russia having many farms under their contract. From this source we are able to supply barley feed , animal wheat ,milling wheat, corn and other grains. Buyers of barley feed need to introduce themselves by resume showing they have made deal on corns and grains. We also accept orders for barley feed for any safe world ports . Price will be regulated according to destination and daily market price . Our price of barley feed is competitive .

مشخصات Barley feed

مشخصات Barley feed :
Protein min 11% , Aflatoxin b1 max 5 ppb
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