Solvent 402 Isfahan

Brand: Isfahan

Supply offer: Solvent 402 Isfahan

Specification: Solvent 402, producer Isfahan Refinery, Packing bulk , Density 775 kg/m3, Sulphur 0.1 %, IBP 142-158, Dry Point 198,Flash point 38, Color 25,Aromatics 20

Quantity: 3000 Cubic meter

Delivery term: Exwork Isfahan

Offer Date: 2021-05-21 00:00:00

Shipment time: 10 days

Validity : Available

Price of  Solvent 402 Isfahan 439.69 USD/Cubic meter 

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Solvent 402 Isfahan
Solvent 402, producer Isfahan Refinery, Packing bulk , Density 775 kg/m3, Sulphur 0.1 %, IBP 142-158, Dry Point 198,Flash point 38, Color 25,Aromatics 20
Solvent 402 origin Iran for use in textile , ink , painting, resin industry
Solvent 402 solvent 402 Iran / Isfahan refinery solvent 402 exported to Pakistan,Turkey,India, Afghanistan OPAP offers purchase service to importers of solvent 402 from Iran. Price of solvent 402 from Isfahan refinery is 439.69 USD/Cubic meter Price of solvent 402 per mt is 567.34 USD/MT Exwork Isfahan Refinery Price OF SOLVENT 402 is valid only at the date of offer. Option A:Deal terms with LC or through exchange shop: It is possible to contract with a trading company and make agreement on delivery at destination of the buyer and pay by LC out of Iran. The price of solvent 402 is 598 USD/MT EXWORK Isfahan with Exchange shop. Option B: Deal with Refinery Purchase terms of solvent 402 from Isfahan refinery : The seller of solvent 402 is NIOPDC. 1- Minimum order quantity for solvent 402 is 750 cubic meter 2- Packing of solvent 402 is in bulk and delivered in tankers 3- Packing in barrels is applicable under refinery control with final confirming of the quality by the refinery ,export declaration is by refinery.Minimum order for packing is 1000 Cubic meter. 4- Delivery term is Exwork factory and weight bill of factory is final for quantity. 5- Payment: 105% of the value of PI in adavance in Euro in an account out of Iran 6- Shipment time is limited to quoted invoice which is normal 30-35 days 7- Changing destination and forwarder after introduction is forbidden 8- Value added tax is not applied for foreign buyers , but will be charged to domestic buyers, foreign buyers need to apply a banking cheque in order to apply for export process and present declaration documents 9- Export clearance will be done by the factory at Isfahan customs. Foreign buyers need to obtain tax code from officials in Iran. 10- Officials and other clearing cost are on behalf of the buyer. Procedure to hire OPAP as your purchase consultancy: 1-Letter to confirm and hire us as your purchase consultant,confirming your readiness to deposit money for payment of consulting fee. 2-Presenting all documents along with LOI to NIOPDC 3-Applying for deposit for consulting fee 4-Issuing PI by the seller For starting negotiation on solvent 402 please provide LOI along with resume.

Specification of Solvent 402 Isfahan

Specification of Solvent 402 Isfahan :
Solvent 402
producer Isfahan Refinery
Packing bulk
Density 775 kg/m3
Sulphur 0.1 %
IBP 142-158
Dry Point 198
Flash point 38
Color 25
Aromatics 20
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