Condensate Sea Shipment

Brand: South Pars

Supply offer: Condensate Sea Shipment

Specification: Condensate, Produced by South Pars, API 60.1,RPV 9.7 max,Specific Gravity 0.7384, Sulfur 0.25 PPM, Aromatics 10.3,Pour Point -45,

Quantity: 2000000 BBL

Delivery term: FOB Asaluyeh

Offer Date: 2021-11-02 14:06:55

Shipment time: 20 days

Validity : Suppliable

Price of  Condensate Sea Shipment PG Platts -3 USD /BBL 

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Condensate Sea Shipment
Condensate, Produced by South Pars, API 60.1,RPV 9.7 max,Specific Gravity 0.7384, Sulfur 0.25 PPM, Aromatics 10.3,Pour Point -45,
Condensate is used as feedstock for refining purposes by oil refineries and give various derivative like gasoline, jet fuel , gas oil
Condensate South Pars OPAP offers purchase consulting service to refineries and importers and exporters of condensate from Iran. Condensate from South Pars is avaialble for both land or sea shipping. The price of condensate is valid at the date of offer. We are ready to supply your order with terms and procedure as bellow: Supplier : Direct Deal with NIOC: The buyer of condensate from Iran need to be registered by NIOC before issuing first pro-forma. Condensate cannot be shipped to Emirate , South Korea, Japan Packing of Condensate from South Pars is in bulk shipment Term of Delivery: FOB Asaluyeh floating berth Minimum order: 2000000 bbl Price Formula of Condensate: The price of Dubai Crude oil minus offered discount The price of condensate offered with minus -11 USD/BBL FOB Asaluyeh. Shipment of Condensate from South Pars starts in less than 20 days Contract Price of Condensate from South Pars is based on price of Dubai crude oil in PG Gulf Platts from beginning of the month to the day before shipment plus or minus a premium or discount which will be agreed by the seller and buyer. Final pricing is based on PG PLatts at last three days before loading plus or minus premium or discount applied by the seller. For update of the price of condensate there is need to fund proof and resume and target price. The buyer of Condensate from South Pars has 8 days to introduce the vessel with standards defined by NIOC otherwise there is 5% will be deducted as punishment and the contract will be canceled. Payment for Condensate from South Pars: The buyer pays 10% down payment to the account of the seller out Iran in USD or equivalent currencies and then introduce his vessel and clear balance payment three days before loading. All costs at port and customs an shipments will be paid by the buyer. If you like to hire us for facilitating buying of Condensate please issue your initial request to us and confirm bellow above terms and bellow procedure: Documents required for registration: LOI + Resume + Fund Proof + Establishing papers of company certified by embassy of Iran Deal process: 1- Issuing LOI to us confirming above terms and provides documents 2- The buyer provides all documents requested by NIOC for registration 3-The buyer Signs consulting contract with us and applies for putting an small amount in exchange shop and makes obligation will buy with agreed terms. 4- The seller issues Proforma after verifying the buyer 5- The buyer pays to the seller according to proforma and shipments start

Specification of Condensate Sea Shipment

Specification of Condensate Sea Shipment :
Produced by South Pars
API 60.1
RPV 9.7 max
Specific Gravity 0.7384
Sulfur 0.25 PPM
Aromatics 10.3
Pour Point -45
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