Natural Gas NG

Brand: Russia

Supply offer: Natural Gas NG

Specification: Natural Gas, Origin Russia, shipment by pipe or vessel,special offer

Quantity: 3 billion Cubic Meter

Delivery term: FOB  Austria

Offer Date: 2021-11-04 11:19:10

Shipment time: 30 days

Validity : Valid

Price of  Natural Gas NG 0.255 USD/Cubic Meter 

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Natural Gas NG
Natural Gas, Origin Russia, shipment by pipe or vessel,special offer
Natural gas(NG) expoerted to Europe and China and India for refining and compressing for use in heating in home and industry
NG NATURAL GAS (NG) ORIGIN RUSSIA Having direct access to main sources in Russia and we are able to cover the deal in an effective process in a short time and save many time and money for the buyer. There is a capacity available to supply natural gas (NG) from Russia with bellow terms: Name of goods: Natural gas(NG) Origin of goods: Russian Federation Specification of goods: According to GOST 5542-87 Quantity of goods: 15 000 000 000 (15 billions) cubic meters Monthly deliveries: According to Schedule of deliveries. Contract during 5 years Price : 255 USD/1000 Cubic meter (will be updated on resume and LOI) Terms of transportation : Pipeline transportation Point of destination: CEGH - Terminal Baumgarten, Austria Terms of payment: LC in volume of 2 monthly deliveries More options: • Changing Pipe line to Germany terminals is possible • Delivery by standard vessels are possible Documents need for the seller: • BCL for two months from buyer`s bank • Acknowledge of ability of the buyer to process the deal by ministry of economy • LOI • Company profile • Resume • Passport Copy Bellow documents need to start negotiation: 1. The buyer issues his order with bellow terms to us as commissioner and later to the seller. • Quantity/year • Duration of contract • Destination port and Country • Shipment by pipe line or vessel • Banking information 2. The buyer presents Resume (not company profile) proving the buyer has dealt on gas and oil products 3. Company profile 4. Passport copy 5. Access to the CEO by phone and email Deal Process: 1- The buyer presents LOI to OPAP as purchase consultant along with resume and passport copy and company profile and asks for help to prepare condition for deal 2- OPAP will update offer and deal terms according to the LOI of the buyer 3- The buyer signs ICPO with agreed terms and prepare documents for the seller 4- The buyer signs NCNDA and certify by his bank and notary and makes obligation will pay commissions. The buyer makes obligation will buy product through commissioners only. 5- The buyer applies for guarantee of NCNDA by two banking cheque for commission of two months near a notary or lawyer in Iran 6- The buyer receives reply and draft of contract direct from seller and their subsidiaries and sign contract with the seller

Specification of Natural Gas NG

Specification of Natural Gas NG :
Natural Gas
Origin Russia
shipment by pipe or vessel
special offer
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